8 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for 2018

Making your bathroom a sanctuary in your home is something most of us strive for. Whether you want to completely renovate your bathroom or change a few things here and there, it can be helpful to get a little inspiration as you try to change things up.

The best remodels turn your bathroom into your own personal sanctuary. Need some ideas for your renovation? Scroll down for eight great ideas to help you kickstart your bathroom remodel.

1. Add on with Seating

Give your bathroom a little boost by remodeling with popular add-ons in mind. Consider adding seating to make your bathroom feel more inviting. If you have enough space in the bathroom, adding in a window seat will help to encourage relaxation and meditation after a shower or bath.

2. Decorate with Plants

Indoor plants are often a great way to add style to any home, but many forget that plants are welcome in the bathroom as well. Bringing in free-standing potted plants and hanging baskets is a nice way to make your bathroom a real oasis.

An excellent choice in a bathroom plant is the type that thrives in humid and low light rooms. Try aloe vera, bamboo, begonia, Boston fern, and other similar plants.

3. Minimize with Smaller and Thinner Design

From tiles to cabinets, bathrooms with small features are trending right now. If you are remodeling your bathroom, choosing items that are thinner and smaller will make your space seem more open. When you bring in accessories like art you can play around with the texture.

4. Add Depth to Your Bathroom

Speaking of texture, certain design elements like color and texture add depth to a room. When remodeling your bathroom, try to consider using colors that create contrast. Trends right now use more neutral tones like grays, whites, and blacks, as well as metallic colors.

5. Go for Minimal Tapware

If you’re looking to change your tapware, try to keep the shape minimal, straight, and sleek. With simple tapware, you will be able to create a truly clean and clutter-free look, all while adding an air of sophistication. Use tapware with accents of gold, silver, or bronze to really make things pop.

6. Try Out Timber

Timber finishes and veneers are a very popular option for bathroom remodels today. When considering the design for your shelves and cabinets, you’ll find that timber adds a certain warmth to your bathroom. When installing timber, be sure to choose wood that is sealed for humid and wet settings.

7. Make a Statement with Your Mirrors

Mirrors can act as a centerpiece for some bathrooms. Don’t let this moment go to waste. Make a statement with your mirror by opting for something that will be unique to your bathroom.

Curved and geometrically shaped mirrors are an excellent choice if you’re hoping to change things up. Instead of purchasing your mirror from a popular store, try searching for your new mirror at a thrift store.

8. Get On Board with the Jacuzzi Trend

Hop on the jacuzzi trend by bringing the spa into your bathroom. With a jacuzzi remodel, you can take advantage of the healing benefits of hydrotherapy like improved sleep, pain relief, reduced stress, and a cleansing and relaxing experience. Whether you keep a walk-in shower, or you opt to combine both the shower and the jacuzzi, you’ll be able to truly benefit from this amenity.

Every homeowner deserves a bathroom that promotes restfulness and relaxation. Use these eight tips to help you make your bathroom into what you want it to be.