Six most compelling custom cabinet trends in 2018

A well built and designed cabinet can breathe the new life into the old rooms, review the atmosphere and impress the guests. In this article, we will talk about the essence of the excellent and trendy cabinet, as well as give you some custom cabinet ideas for 2018.

What Makes An Excellent Cabinet?

It is not that hard to detect quality made cabinets. A beautiful cabinet is made of quality material, usually wood. Also, when determining the quality of cabinet, one must first examine the casework. Quality material and craftsmanship will ultimately determine the durability and the structure of the casework. Draw construction, hardware, installation flexibility, etc.

However, when you decide to have custom cabinets, you want to make sure that they fit in your home, physically and aesthetically. Paying attention to design, colors, shape, size: all these things matter.

Custom Cabinet Trends

Custom cabinets imply freedom. They are crafted according to your specifications and wishes, which can turn out bad if you do not follow the trends (your cabinet might end up in the 80s trends). Here are the 2018s patterns:

1. Color

It is best to decide on colors first, to get it out of the way and plan the design according to the color. White color still dominates 2018 and will continue to do so. Light colors, such as light gray are also a valuable option. Naturally, your choice will depend on the color of your rooms, but still, if you do not want to complicate things, go for the white or light gray color.

2. Save On Space

Modern cabinets are efficient space-savers. Vertical cabinets with pull out drawers and shelves save on space and are more pleasing to the eye. 2018 trends show that more and more people decide to put the cabinet behind the doors to preserve the space, and at the same time use the area that had no prior function.

3. Using Unused Space

2018 custom cabinets are reaching for the ceiling! Yes, the designers noticed that the space between the top of your cabinet and the ceiling is too big. Because of this, they decided to redesign the cabinets, raise them and use the space in-between. Moreover, such endeavors will give away the image of broadness and wideness, and your room will seem bigger than it is.

4. Glass Cabinets

Glass cabinets are still a thing, especially if you have something to store in them. If you own precious items, such as crystal or fine China, expose them in the glass cabinets. Note that the glass cabinets may require some extra care when it comes to maintaining them.

5. Mix Things Up

Mixing materials and colors is a trend of its own. For instance, consider mixing old classics with modern whiteness, rustic wood with the white cabinetry. Try and extract the contrast between your cabinets. This can prove to be useful, as long as you do not go too far.

6. Functionality

Apart from its physical attributes, the cabinets also have a function, and 2018 loves the idea of single function cabinet. For instance, many people have trouble organizing their kitchen appliances (mixers, toasters, coffee maker, etc.). To solve this task, consider choosing a cabinet that will act as a storage for all your appliances. This applies to any custom cabinet in every room; a cabinet can always serve a specific function.


Custom cabinetry will allow you to define the looks of your home. Furthermore, custom cabinetry flows with the time, grows and develops new styles and trends.

If you opt for custom cabinets, articles like this can help you decide, or, if anything, remind you how vital trends are. You do not have to follow the patterns blindly, but use them as a compass that will help you express your custom cabinet ideas.