Smart Ways to Furnish Small Spaces

Furnishing a new home, or just a room in a new home, can be a challenge. That challenge increases when your room or home is on the small side. Finding furniture, storage, and accessories for a small room may seem like an impossible task, but there are options available. You need to get the most comfort and functionality out of your small room, so here are some things to keep in mind when furnishing it.

Find lightweight, versatile furniture

Finding seating and surface area for a small room can be tough. It’s best to find furniture that is easy to build or move and is made of lightweight materials. Also, find furniture that can serve multiple functions. For example, using a coffee table that can double as a desk can add functionality without taking up more space. Use ottomans as extra pieces to a smaller couch for extra seating that can be used for propping up your feet. Buying furniture that offers hidden drawers or spaces can solve some of your storage woes as well.

Avoid clutter

It can be tempting to try to cram as much as you can into a small space in order to make the space functional, but adding clutter just makes the room look messy and uncomfortable. Using collapsible furniture can free up some of that clutter space instead of using several different pieces to serve the same function. Having plenty of storage space can also prevent surfaces from being stacked with things and taking up vital space. If you want to offer maximum seating space while not making clutter, find stackable stools or seats. They can be arranged around the room to take advantage of small pockets of space and easily stack and be stored in a corner when not in use.

Take advantage of wall space

Some of the most overlooked space in a small room is the perimeter of the room. Some people think that putting things along the walls can make the small space appear smaller, but it can open up large space in the center of the room if you take advantage of it. Aligning storage furniture like bookcases or television stands on the wall can free up more room for couches and other surfaces. Using the vertical space on the wall is also advantageous. Hanging shelves on the wall can alleviate the problem of having a bulky bookcase instead. You can even attach a surface with a hinge to the wall making a collapsible desk that can be folded up against the wall when not in use.

Use glass furniture whenever possible

One of the problems of a small room is that with furniture and storage can block windows or make the space seem even smaller. Using furniture with glass can prevent the blockage of light from windows and give the illusion that the space is more open than it actually is. Glass furniture is also classy and easy to clean. The extra light, combined with the glass furniture, can make the room a lot brighter and more welcoming, which is often a concern with small, furnished rooms.

Small rooms do not have to be cluttered and uncomfortable. You can easily make a small space usable, stylish, and comfortable by utilizing the space efficiently. Finding versatile furniture, making good use of the wall space, and avoiding clutter can add the most functionality to the room. Using glass furniture and accessories can open up the room and prevent the blockage of light into the room, making it warmer and more inviting. Wise space use can make for a great looking small room.